Sept. 27, 2020
HATCH Record | Construction progress of Guangdong CAS life park
The whole project, with a total planning area of 648,000 square meters, is located in Jiangmen, the central city in the west of the pearl river delta.

According to the concept and principle of ecological green, the concept of ecological green valley is introduced. The environmental design of the project park reflects the regional and cultural characteristics of Lingnan. The greening on the roof extends the green from the ground to the air, supplemented by the landscape of plants and fountains, making the work and life in the park as if you were in a green valley.

The concept and principle of public space orientation, taking into full consideration the exchange activities of enterprises and various professionals settled in, creates unique multi-level public space, and guides innovation and exchange activities.

Following the concept and principle of function mixing, while providing office environment for the growth of science and technology enterprises, various supporting service facilities should be improved to provide rich and diverse functions for the growth of regional enterprises to meet the needs of various activities such as work, exhibition, negotiation, catering and rest.

The project was officially started in December 2018. After the epidemic situation returned to work, the project has been progressing rapidly and steadily. Recently, it has ushered in an important milestone - capping the underground garage. The first phase of the industrial park is expected to be completed by the end of this year.
July 10, 2020
HATCH Coorpertaion | K12 International School in poetic tea garden
Recently, HATCH and Shanghai Aijia Group have reached a cooperation to build K12 international school with the concept of natural education in the poetic Anji white tea Town, Zhejiang Province.

Shanghai Aijia Group is a large diversified international investment group with more than 30 years of development. Aijia is committed to providing urban operation & renovation and financial services for large and medium-sized cities, and has the vision of becoming the most respected and trusted "life aesthetics service provider".

White tea town is located in Xilong, the origin of Anji white tea, with beautiful landform and natural endowment. White tea town is also an industry integration cultural and tourism project with in-depth cooperation between Aijia and the local government, with the concept of "Poetic Economic Community" and "Future Rural Ideal Country"

HATCH will create a "nature school" in this poetic tea garden, enabling children to connect with nature, and activate freedom and independent personality. In the beauty of nature to enhance their own imagination and creativity, from nature to get creative inspiration.

Q1 What is the main feature of this project?
This project takes an important role in Aijia China Anji white tea town. The biggest feature is that it will be a school in the tea garden. Surrounded by green plants, the base has rich natural resources and profound cultural heritage.

Q2 What are some preliminary thoughts on design?
Through the study of local characteristics, we put forward three key words: tea garden, bamboo forest and village. We hope that the organizational planning, space form and material application of the building should not only support the school operation, but also inherit the essence of Anji traditional culture. Through the study of local residential culture and space composition, the traditional bamboo and wood materials are interpreted in a modern way, and a campus like "growing" from a tea garden is designed.

Q3 What are the expectations and vision for this project?
We hope to show respect for the local natural environment, weaken the sense of boundary and disobey between architecture and nature through design, and create "a disappeared campus". We will think and explore more possibilities in school planning and architectural design with imagination and creativity, and help Aijia Group to build a poetic town.
September 25, 2019
Two cities battle "cloud Valley" · review of Shanghai x Chengdu architectural innovation design two cities Invitation Exhibition
In August this year, HATCH Architects was invited to participate in the “Sichuan international innovative design industrial park Shanghai & Chengdu architectural innovative design twin cities invitational exhibition" organized by Chengdu Xingguanghua urban construction co., LTD and undertaken by Chengdu Guanghua Tongtai technology services co., LTD.

The invitational exhibition by a built in Chengdu culture communication co., LTD., planning execution, from Shanghai, Chengdu, the contrast and echo of two cities, with the venture of Chengdu Sichuan international innovation design industrial park a core building - investment promotion center as design object, invited two cities the most new and innovative thinking of six buildings exhibits architects involved in design and creation. Six pioneer design institutions, design and technology of the exchange and integration. It transcends the space boundaries of two cities, transcends the boundaries of design and technology industries, breaks down the barriers in the field of design, and reconstructs the spiritual symbols of cities with six exhibits.

HATCH Architects co-founder David Wei lead the HATCH team for the exhibition design of the Cloud Valley, Cloud Valley "project, the creation of the two months repeated deliberation, Sept. 25, less in Chengdu city theater, HATCH Architects to represent Shanghai pioneer architecture design agency in Shanghai & Chengdu building innovative design the twins will share invitational exhibition design in Chengdu", to the event industry on behalf of the guests, media, science and technology enterprises, invited observers such as more than 300 viewers, Share the design of Cloud Valley.

In the speech sharing, David used the design concept of Cloud Valley to convey a way for people to spend time freely and happily in space.

Through the two-month-long activity, HATCH Architects hopes to Empower Life with our imaginative and creative Design for the brand of Sichuan international innovative Design industrial park, as well as for the future Life and work of cultural, scientific and creative office staff as well as urban residents in the industrial park.
April 26, 2019
2019 "urban futurism" Design Forum hatch keynote speech
On April 26, “Urban Futurism" design BBS was successfully held in Shanghai new international expo center. This activity was organized by Shanghai Bohua and MEXARTS, co-organized by the Land architects, and together with 10 designers including David Wei, we discussed the concept of sharing in the city.

This is a imagination about sharing under the age of commercial space, David Wei shared the speech of “Empowering space" . Through the three recent projects of HATCH, the speech shared the imagination of space and life tomorrow, including: Reconstruction of double innovation space of Changsha Dahan craftsman college and renovation of sichuan middle road hotel in Shanghai.

Current China, especially second-tier cities are experiencing transition period of incremental development to stock transformation. The container of architecture seems to be mismatched with people's pursuit of a better life in the city. The supply side of space needs to be reformed to meet people's yearning for future life. Architects need to look at the present from the future and endue space and life with imaginative and creative design.

David Wei of HATCH believes that architecture is the container of life, and architects are dream maker of living space. Experiencing happiness and breathing freedom in carefully designed space should be the highest realm of space energy.

2019 is a Shared era. “Urban Futurism" in the shared era requires architects to look at the present from the future and bring dream space to reality. Let the aesthetics of life rich in art, quality and humanity become a beautiful experience for everyone wherever they are.
April 22, 2019
Hatch was invited to attend the focus Asian school builders conference 2019
On April 22, the 2019 FOCUS Asian school builder conference, hosted by BEED Asia, kicked off in the Baohua Marriott Hotel in Shanghai. HATCH was invited to participate as BEED's long-term strategic partner.

Vincent Chen, co-founder of BEED Asia, on behalf of the organiser, warmly welcomed the guests and delivered a speech. The second day was divided into eight sub-forums: "campus planning, learning space, future school, technological change, curriculum and teaching methods, facilities management, reading space, STEAM innovation".

As a long-time partner of pida, HATCH has been invited to BEED summit for three consecutive years and won awards. In recent years, HATCH's design in the field of education has been more and more recognized by the public. The highly acclaimed Hangzhou Yuhai Foreign Language School, Shanghai Fushan Foreign Language School with dream transformation, Dongguan Haide Middelton College in the forest, Changsha Ecommerce Industrial Park renovation school... 2019 will reach the Asian summit FOCUS on education space research topic, and the construction of school trends David Wei believes, the soul of architecture is space, which can strongly stimulate the learning desires, HATCH will further improve the quality of the school space design, and meet the needs of teaching and learning in a higher level, with the education hardware upgrades of China's "smart" , empowering the Chinese dream of building a country with strong human resources
April 9, 2019
Hatch is invited to participate in RIBA's China debut
On April 9, RIBA held its first event in China in Shanghai. Invited by Ben Derbyshire, chairman of RIBA, and Ken Wai, the first chairman of RIBA China, HATCH's co-founder David Wei attended the event.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) was founded in 1834, and obtained The membership of The Royal Institute in 1837. It has more than 30,000 members worldwide, and is one of The two most famous architectural institutes in The world, together with The American Institute of Architects (AIA). Senior honorary members include Norman foster, David chipperfield, tadao ando, ieoh Ming pei and other internationally renowned architects.

As one of the important parts of this activity, David and Ben Derbyshire, chairman of RIBA, Ken Wai, the first chairman of RIBA in China, and Martin Jochman, chief designer and designer of the hotel visited Shimao Shenkeng Intercontinental Hotel Shanghai. In the evening, RIBA held a welcome dinner. Ken Wai, the first chairman of RIBA China, hosted and delivered a speech. Ben Derbyshire, chairman of RIBA, and Martin Jochman, the main designer of shkeng hotel, gave a wonderful speech.

The royal institution of British architects (RIBA) is a professional membership body that strives to promote excellence in the building industry. Currently, there are more than 40,000 members worldwide, conducting academic discussions, raising the level of architectural design, maintaining and setting high standards; Good resources and world-leading incentive programs; Study the knowledge system of architecture, increase social influence, and protect the future development of the industry.

RIBA seeks and establishes partners worldwide, defines standards and sharing systems for excellence in education, adheres to lifelong learning and continuing professional development, makes BIM mainstream, and organizes and organizes international expert seminars.

Through this activity, HATCH learned about RIBA's development plan and vision in China, gained a clearer understanding of the direction of future architectural Design, and more determined his responsibility and mission as a designer -- empowering Life with imaginative and creative Design.
March 26-28, 2019
Go back to the future and see the wonderful review of tomorrow show hatch in 2019
Tomorrow Show -- architectural design exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Tomorrow Show") was launched in Shanghai New International EXPO Center from March 26 to 28, 2019, in collaboration with IDEAT magazine of modern communication.

Tomorrow Show is organized by Shanghai Wanyao Qilong exhibition co., LTD and modern communication group, co-organized by IDEAT magazine, and planned by the famous curator Simone Chen. It brings together new international building materials, new technologies, new techniques and new applied products, and integrates high-end global lifestyle brands and cross-border pioneers.

In 2019, the exhibition "the wisdom of the future" as the main clue, through SENSUAL sensibility, SMART, SUSTAINABLE intellectual on three dimensions: sustainability, bring unique experience for exhibitors and visitors.

Tomorrow Show cooperated with David WEI, the co-founder of HATCH, and 4 other famous designers at home and abroad to create "5*100 ㎡ Tomorrow's ideal artist special exhibition".

The topic of the forum speech is "in the space and time of 5*100 ㎡, meet the possibility of tomorrow". David delivered the keynote speech, and we imagined the possibility of tomorrow's life and tomorrow's design together.

After the forum, wen zhu international, a famous architectural and cultural media, made a personal interview with David. During the 3-day exhibition Tomorrow Show, HATCH received unanimous praise. David expressed his gratitude for the invitation of Tomorrow Show and looked forward to continuing the cooperation next year to bring more wonderful designs to everyone.
December 5, 2018
Looking for the most potential young architect: creating beautiful countryside with design
Dragon TV arts and humanities channel media supported the "180 days to design and change the countryside" public welfare program and the "2018FA young architect award" was officially launched on November 30 in the treasure riverside art space.

FA young architects award, is a new original cross-border public campaign, to explore China's most promising young architects, for them to build a platform for cross-border open, use the power of design to revive the country, e-house co-founder Mr. Puzzles and famous architect Mr. Ting Yu (Shanghai) and Mr. Edge Design (Hong Kong), sponsored by the art and design magazines "FA wealth hall".

Mr. David Wei, co-founder of HATCH, participated in the launching ceremony of the selection activity together with experts from domestic and foreign architectural circles as the invited judge. The theme of this competition is "design changes the countryside". Through 180 days of public welfare transformation, architectural design and art culture will be involved in the rural space, and the rural original life scene will be turned into a unique experience of artists' home stay.

Young people make a country strong. Contemporary Chinese young architects represent the future of Chinese architectural design. It has always been HATCH's mission to "empower life with design". I hope this activity will use the power of design to turn dreams into reality and draw a beautiful blueprint for China's new rural construction.
June 14, 2017
SOHO tianshan plaza officially launched | HATCH was invited to attend
On the evening of June 14, 2017, SOHO Tianshan plaza was unveiled with great fanfare. David Wei, founder of HATCH Architects hanqi architecture, was invited by Mr. Shiyi Pan, chairman of SOHO China.

In the interview session, Shiyi Pan explained many ups and downs in his life in a humorous way, and Shared his "change and persistence" with everyone.

From a small mountain village in the northwest to Beijing and Shanghai, pan Shiyi admits that two key factors have changed his life: time and people. When asked about how to gain trust, pan shiyi said: "any one person doing things alone will achieve nothing, there must be partners, and can not take the material very seriously."

In the evening, in order to thank the guests, chairman Mr. Shiyi Pan also carefully prepared the SOHO dinner for the participants. David also communicated with chairman pan during the dinner and expressed his congratulations on the grand opening of SOHO Tianshan plaza.

Throughout the event, David felt very much the same as chairman Shiyi's conclusion in the interview: it is this era that gives us the platform for development. With the transformation of the main consumer groups in society, the number of new middle classes is increasing, and they are more willing to pay for the lifestyle, knowledge, content quality and sense of ceremony. This means that the golden age of design is upon us, and HATCH will keep his mission in mind: to light up the space with design, and to be creative with life.