October 23, 2023
The 6th ZEEKR Center Designed by HATCH Opens in Chongqing IOQ, David Wei Attends the Opening Ceremony and Speech
The 6th ZEEKR Center designed by HATCH Architects, now grand opened. The project is located in the new landmark of Chongqing - IOQ, designed by architect KPF, with the 458-meter tower leaping to become the tallest building in Chongqing. With two rivers rushing by and built on mountains, Chongqing has drawn the unique topography of a city of mountains and water. With an area of over 1,200 square meters and a site facing the Jialing River, HATCH drew inspiration from the "fog of the Jialing River" to echo the local culture of Chongqing. The complexity of the site also posed a challenge, but HATCH has always responded to the fusion between the ZEEKR and the city with its designs.
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