August 9, 2023
On August 10, David Wei was invited to speak at World of Concrete Asia - Public And Commercial Design Forum
On August 10th at 10:00am, David Wei was invited to speak at the Designing Public and Commercial Spaces Conference to discuss building materials innovation for environmental quality and combating climate change. In recent years, China has seen leaps and bounds in material science advances and an explosion in urban architecture and urban regeneration. As China aims to achieve peak carbon by 2030, architects, engineers and building material manufacturers will have to work together more than ever to deliver high performance buildings with a low carbon footprint. The goal of the seminar is to inspire the audience on the importance of choosing the right building materials to improve the quality of the environment and the quality of life while combating climate change. David will explain the architects' personal views on designing for the environment in the context of real projects. He will select some of their major project materials and explain the purpose of choosing them.
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