August 8-10, 2019
[2019 designs] Wei Hongtao, co-founder of hatch architects, was invited to give a keynote speech
On August 8-10, 2019, 2019 DECIGNS Global Education Space Designers Conference was held in Shanghai, HATCH Architects, co-founder of Mr. David Wei was invited and gave a speech of education architecture design.

2019 DECIGNS Global Education Space Designers Conference fully focuses in the field of education space design, standing on the global perspective, focusing on the present hot topic of education space design field.

The summit invited design speakers from 20 countries, including China, the UK, the US, Australia and Japan, to give an in-depth analysis of the latest trends in school design and construction around the world. 150+ design units, 300+ schools/education groups, more than 800 front-line workers from the school construction participated together.

At the conference, Mr. David Wei Shared HATCH Architects' recent case of school renovation and expansion – Dahan International Craftsman Institute -- Educational Innovation project with the theme of “Design Empowers Campus Space: How Business Can Change Schools". And discuss the change of educational space in the future with the guests in the round table.

Against the background of globalization, HATCH Architects uses imagination and creativity in design to empower study and work, improve the quality of time and life of teachers and students.
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