April 12, 2018
HATCH wins 2018 pida education architectural design award
On April 12, HATCH was invited to attend the 2018 BEED Asian spring summit in Shanghai and won the BEED · education architectural design award for his project of “Hangzhou Yuhai Foreign Language School".

The yuhai project is one of HATCH's most important projects in the field of international education in 2017. This " BEED · education architecture design award" has been highly recognized by peer experts and industry insiders and received wide praise from the society, with a very high amount of gold.

At the 2018 BEED Asia spring summit, principals, administrators, educational architects and front-line school workers from home and abroad gathered to have in-depth discussions and exchanges on "how learning space and educational technology can match the development needs of future schools".

HATCH, as an international institution integrating education and architecture, integrates Chinese and western cultures and creates a space for elite education to serve both teaching and learning. In the future, HATCH will never forget his original intention and keep in mind the mission of the enterprise, so as to help realize the Chinese dream of becoming a country with strong talent through the hardware upgrade of China's education industry.
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