Sept. 27, 2020
HATCH Record | Construction progress of Guangdong CAS life park
The whole project, with a total planning area of 648,000 square meters, is located in Jiangmen, the central city in the west of the pearl river delta.

According to the concept and principle of ecological green, the concept of ecological green valley is introduced. The environmental design of the project park reflects the regional and cultural characteristics of Lingnan. The greening on the roof extends the green from the ground to the air, supplemented by the landscape of plants and fountains, making the work and life in the park as if you were in a green valley.

The concept and principle of public space orientation, taking into full consideration the exchange activities of enterprises and various professionals settled in, creates unique multi-level public space, and guides innovation and exchange activities.

Following the concept and principle of function mixing, while providing office environment for the growth of science and technology enterprises, various supporting service facilities should be improved to provide rich and diverse functions for the growth of regional enterprises to meet the needs of various activities such as work, exhibition, negotiation, catering and rest.

The project was officially started in December 2018. After the epidemic situation returned to work, the project has been progressing rapidly and steadily. Recently, it has ushered in an important milestone - capping the underground garage. The first phase of the industrial park is expected to be completed by the end of this year.
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