June 14, 2017
SOHO tianshan plaza officially launched | HATCH was invited to attend
On the evening of June 14, 2017, SOHO Tianshan plaza was unveiled with great fanfare. David Wei, founder of HATCH Architects hanqi architecture, was invited by Mr. Shiyi Pan, chairman of SOHO China.

In the interview session, Shiyi Pan explained many ups and downs in his life in a humorous way, and Shared his "change and persistence" with everyone.

From a small mountain village in the northwest to Beijing and Shanghai, pan Shiyi admits that two key factors have changed his life: time and people. When asked about how to gain trust, pan shiyi said: "any one person doing things alone will achieve nothing, there must be partners, and can not take the material very seriously."

In the evening, in order to thank the guests, chairman Mr. Shiyi Pan also carefully prepared the SOHO dinner for the participants. David also communicated with chairman pan during the dinner and expressed his congratulations on the grand opening of SOHO Tianshan plaza.

Throughout the event, David felt very much the same as chairman Shiyi's conclusion in the interview: it is this era that gives us the platform for development. With the transformation of the main consumer groups in society, the number of new middle classes is increasing, and they are more willing to pay for the lifestyle, knowledge, content quality and sense of ceremony. This means that the golden age of design is upon us, and HATCH will keep his mission in mind: to light up the space with design, and to be creative with life.
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