December 5, 2018
Looking for the most potential young architect: creating beautiful countryside with design
Dragon TV arts and humanities channel media supported the "180 days to design and change the countryside" public welfare program and the "2018FA young architect award" was officially launched on November 30 in the treasure riverside art space.

FA young architects award, is a new original cross-border public campaign, to explore China's most promising young architects, for them to build a platform for cross-border open, use the power of design to revive the country, e-house co-founder Mr. Puzzles and famous architect Mr. Ting Yu (Shanghai) and Mr. Edge Design (Hong Kong), sponsored by the art and design magazines "FA wealth hall".

Mr. David Wei, co-founder of HATCH, participated in the launching ceremony of the selection activity together with experts from domestic and foreign architectural circles as the invited judge. The theme of this competition is "design changes the countryside". Through 180 days of public welfare transformation, architectural design and art culture will be involved in the rural space, and the rural original life scene will be turned into a unique experience of artists' home stay.

Young people make a country strong. Contemporary Chinese young architects represent the future of Chinese architectural design. It has always been HATCH's mission to "empower life with design". I hope this activity will use the power of design to turn dreams into reality and draw a beautiful blueprint for China's new rural construction.
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