April 26, 2019
2019 "urban futurism" Design Forum hatch keynote speech
On April 26, “Urban Futurism" design BBS was successfully held in Shanghai new international expo center. This activity was organized by Shanghai Bohua and MEXARTS, co-organized by the Land architects, and together with 10 designers including David Wei, we discussed the concept of sharing in the city.

This is a imagination about sharing under the age of commercial space, David Wei shared the speech of “Empowering space" . Through the three recent projects of HATCH, the speech shared the imagination of space and life tomorrow, including: Reconstruction of double innovation space of Changsha Dahan craftsman college and renovation of sichuan middle road hotel in Shanghai.

Current China, especially second-tier cities are experiencing transition period of incremental development to stock transformation. The container of architecture seems to be mismatched with people's pursuit of a better life in the city. The supply side of space needs to be reformed to meet people's yearning for future life. Architects need to look at the present from the future and endue space and life with imaginative and creative design.

David Wei of HATCH believes that architecture is the container of life, and architects are dream maker of living space. Experiencing happiness and breathing freedom in carefully designed space should be the highest realm of space energy.

2019 is a Shared era. “Urban Futurism" in the shared era requires architects to look at the present from the future and bring dream space to reality. Let the aesthetics of life rich in art, quality and humanity become a beautiful experience for everyone wherever they are.
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