April 19, 2018
House Warming Party & "3Q wonderful night" in donghu road SOHO
On April 19, SOHO3Q on Donghu Road held a grand opening ceremony called "3Q wonderful night". HATCH, a long-term partner of SOHO, held the House Warming Party at the same time to share the journey of time and space.

That night, Mr. David Wei, HATCH’s co-founder, had a fantastic time travel night with Mr. Shiyi Pan, chairman of SOHO China, and about 200 other guests. Guests or cheongsam gown or suit dress, showing the new Shanghai elite different flavor.

"Donghu Road used to be the most prosperous place in Shanghai," said Mr. Pan. "Today, Donghu Road is the best place to show the vitality and lifestyle of Shanghai," David said. Surrounding web celebrity restaurants do not have to worry about eating; Outdoor terrace, a cup of coffee after work, enjoy the natural air and sunshine.

The new office is bright, clean and brand-new, free, S·hared and creative, which can stimulate the imagination and creativity of HATCH's new generation of designers.
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