April 22, 2019
Hatch was invited to attend the focus Asian school builders conference 2019
On April 22, the 2019 FOCUS Asian school builder conference, hosted by BEED Asia, kicked off in the Baohua Marriott Hotel in Shanghai. HATCH was invited to participate as BEED's long-term strategic partner.

Vincent Chen, co-founder of BEED Asia, on behalf of the organiser, warmly welcomed the guests and delivered a speech. The second day was divided into eight sub-forums: "campus planning, learning space, future school, technological change, curriculum and teaching methods, facilities management, reading space, STEAM innovation".

As a long-time partner of pida, HATCH has been invited to BEED summit for three consecutive years and won awards. In recent years, HATCH's design in the field of education has been more and more recognized by the public. The highly acclaimed Hangzhou Yuhai Foreign Language School, Shanghai Fushan Foreign Language School with dream transformation, Dongguan Haide Middelton College in the forest, Changsha Ecommerce Industrial Park renovation school... 2019 will reach the Asian summit FOCUS on education space research topic, and the construction of school trends David Wei believes, the soul of architecture is space, which can strongly stimulate the learning desires, HATCH will further improve the quality of the school space design, and meet the needs of teaching and learning in a higher level, with the education hardware upgrades of China's "smart" , empowering the Chinese dream of building a country with strong human resources
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