Sept. 14, 2020
HATCH News | David WEI was invited to give speech at 2020 RIBA Hello China Chengdu Event
On September 11, the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA) entered Chengdu for the first time, and jointly held the seminar with the theme of "design and development of new international urban cultural comprehensive landmarks". 11 industry leaders and Chengdu outstanding architects were invited to share ideas and exchange views from the perspective of architectural design.

At the seminar, the guests expressed their opinions and summed up many gratifying and enlightening ideas and views from many excellent works and the creation process of works.

Mr. Wei Hongtao believes that this is a golden age in which design is gradually becoming a just need. Landmark architecture is not only the focus of visual aesthetics, but also the carrier of local culture. Only the imagination and creativity of integrating scientific and creative height, cultural height and natural height are the core competitiveness in the future. Only by creating urban cultural landmarks with creative design can empower work and life.
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