September 25, 2019
Two cities battle "cloud Valley" · review of Shanghai x Chengdu architectural innovation design two cities Invitation Exhibition
In August this year, HATCH Architects was invited to participate in the “Sichuan international innovative design industrial park Shanghai & Chengdu architectural innovative design twin cities invitational exhibition" organized by Chengdu Xingguanghua urban construction co., LTD and undertaken by Chengdu Guanghua Tongtai technology services co., LTD.

The invitational exhibition by a built in Chengdu culture communication co., LTD., planning execution, from Shanghai, Chengdu, the contrast and echo of two cities, with the venture of Chengdu Sichuan international innovation design industrial park a core building - investment promotion center as design object, invited two cities the most new and innovative thinking of six buildings exhibits architects involved in design and creation. Six pioneer design institutions, design and technology of the exchange and integration. It transcends the space boundaries of two cities, transcends the boundaries of design and technology industries, breaks down the barriers in the field of design, and reconstructs the spiritual symbols of cities with six exhibits.

HATCH Architects co-founder David Wei lead the HATCH team for the exhibition design of the Cloud Valley, Cloud Valley "project, the creation of the two months repeated deliberation, Sept. 25, less in Chengdu city theater, HATCH Architects to represent Shanghai pioneer architecture design agency in Shanghai & Chengdu building innovative design the twins will share invitational exhibition design in Chengdu", to the event industry on behalf of the guests, media, science and technology enterprises, invited observers such as more than 300 viewers, Share the design of Cloud Valley.

In the speech sharing, David used the design concept of Cloud Valley to convey a way for people to spend time freely and happily in space.

Through the two-month-long activity, HATCH Architects hopes to Empower Life with our imaginative and creative Design for the brand of Sichuan international innovative Design industrial park, as well as for the future Life and work of cultural, scientific and creative office staff as well as urban residents in the industrial park.
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