July 10, 2020
HATCH Coorpertaion | K12 International School in poetic tea garden
Recently, HATCH and Shanghai Aijia Group have reached a cooperation to build K12 international school with the concept of natural education in the poetic Anji white tea Town, Zhejiang Province.

Shanghai Aijia Group is a large diversified international investment group with more than 30 years of development. Aijia is committed to providing urban operation & renovation and financial services for large and medium-sized cities, and has the vision of becoming the most respected and trusted "life aesthetics service provider".

White tea town is located in Xilong, the origin of Anji white tea, with beautiful landform and natural endowment. White tea town is also an industry integration cultural and tourism project with in-depth cooperation between Aijia and the local government, with the concept of "Poetic Economic Community" and "Future Rural Ideal Country"

HATCH will create a "nature school" in this poetic tea garden, enabling children to connect with nature, and activate freedom and independent personality. In the beauty of nature to enhance their own imagination and creativity, from nature to get creative inspiration.

Q1 What is the main feature of this project?
This project takes an important role in Aijia China Anji white tea town. The biggest feature is that it will be a school in the tea garden. Surrounded by green plants, the base has rich natural resources and profound cultural heritage.

Q2 What are some preliminary thoughts on design?
Through the study of local characteristics, we put forward three key words: tea garden, bamboo forest and village. We hope that the organizational planning, space form and material application of the building should not only support the school operation, but also inherit the essence of Anji traditional culture. Through the study of local residential culture and space composition, the traditional bamboo and wood materials are interpreted in a modern way, and a campus like "growing" from a tea garden is designed.

Q3 What are the expectations and vision for this project?
We hope to show respect for the local natural environment, weaken the sense of boundary and disobey between architecture and nature through design, and create "a disappeared campus". We will think and explore more possibilities in school planning and architectural design with imagination and creativity, and help Aijia Group to build a poetic town.
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