ZEEKR Centre · Mixc Nanchang

Nanchang, Jiangxi




interior design, lighting design, MEP consultant, FFE design




HATCH and ZEEKR have come to Nanchang, Jiangxi to create ZEEKR Centre | Mixc Nanchang. Unlike previous shops, this ZEEKR Centre consists of two separate shops, one large and one small. The layout of the backlot space is based around a Krypton bar and forum area, in addition to functional spaces such as offices and storage rooms. The core design of the ZEEKR Bar is a response to the city's local character, inspired by the Tengwang Pavilion, an ancient architectural landmark in Nanchang. The Tengwang Pavilion is famous for its complex structure of "three bright and seven dark", and we have refined and contemporaryised this element by incorporating a simple lattice element into the bar design, paying homage to the architectural beauty of the Pavilion and the wisdom of ancient craftsmen. The bar is finished in a curry red colour (Nanchang Red), creating another layer of echo with the Tengwang Pavilion.