ZEEKR Center · Intime City Hangzhou

Hangzhou, Zhejiang




Interior design, lighting design, signage design




HATCH Architecture and ZEEKR have joined forces once again to create ZEEKR Center · Intime City Hangzhou Sitting on West Lake and looking out over the Qiantang River, we drew inspiration from the tide of the Qiantang River as a clever tribute to Hangzhou. We defined the design theme as "ZEEKR Tide", a double entendre that depicts the trendy gene in the local landscape and the ZEEKR brand. Underneath the "ZEEKR Tide", the raised bar area resembles a hovering island. The bar is designed in an "L" shape corner, and the brand color "electric blue" is chosen to show the mood of "the sky is green and waiting for the rain", reminiscent of the landscape of the water and the sky, or or the celadon tea ware used for tea. The bar lighting adopts RGBW color mixing system, which can create a different sense of atmosphere in different scenes. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)