International Digital Sea Investment & Exhibition Centre

Fengxian, Shanghai




Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design




The project is located in the IDS, Fengxian introducing the overall planning concept of digital as cloud, river and sea into a continent, the exhibition center is based on the concept of cloud continent, the overall shape and the main body create the feeling of floating like a cloud. The base is surrounded by woods, with a river in the middle and the Union Port on the north. With respect to nature, the design intention is to transform the central waters of the base to form a plunge waterfall, and let the main building stand on the river, making a good combination of architecture and landscape. In terms of form, the roof of the exhibition center is light and soothing, and the facade is made of ultra-white glass, which gives the building a strong sense of permeability and makes it look like a thin cloud floating in the base from a distance. The eaves of the roof break the boundary between interior and exterior and draw in the relationship between people and nature.