Xuhui, Shanghai




Interior design, Lighting design




The HATCH Shanghai office is located in the old French Concession of Shanghai, close to the iapm Trade Center, where the prosperity of the ‘magic city’ and the romance of the French Concession are combined. HATCH creates a stage to show the charm of designers, and bring the designers from the backstage to the front. ‘Stage’ as the key element permeates the entire space to create a feeling of joy and surprise. ‘75 ° Gray’ was chosen as the main color to set off the emotions of other colors in this space, representing the real sense of HATCH's pursuit of stability, balance and tolerance. Curtains, the portal of the stage, were applied as the logical structure in HATCH office and play the role of ‘soft wall’. Compared with the ‘hard wall’, the velvet curtains have a unique sense of drape and an intimate temperament, which can flexibly divide the space into: office area, meeting area and rest area. Meanwhile, it can enhance the visual softness during opening and closing and helps designers clarify their vision and minds. The freely transforming curtains realised the combination of different working states. The use of curtains balanced privacy and openness of the space to meet the requirements of different work scenes for space privacy. For example, the office area is located near windows with good views and natural light. When the curtains in the aisle are closed, a private office area can be formed. As the importance of gorgeous lighting to the stage, the designer's work environment also has extremely high requirements on the light. Spotlights, sheet lights, and spherical lights were used in combination to create an atmosphere on the stage. Moreover, the intelligent lighting system can adjust and achieve constant illumination autonomously. A series of lighting collocation use mode was designed to adapt to different working scenes, thereby inspiring the designer's creativity and imagination.The office design realised people-oriented through variety details. The mirror over the water bar can be used to adjust the best appearance before ‘going on stage'. If you are tired from work, the ‘sleep compartment’ in the backlit area provides a cozy place to take a short break. The Internet of Things (IOT) system was introduced to liberate the hands of designers. There were no switches in the office, all the curtains, lights, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc. were controlled via mobile devices. All the design revolves around the feeling of people. By creating this future smart stage, the office experience from health to happiness will be realised. This also reflects the value of ‘design for happiness’ that HATCH insists on. HATCH hopes that on this stage, designers will use their imagination and creativity to perform the wonderful moments that ‘Never End’.