Facade renovation, Interior design



Located in Shanghai's vibrant bund district, Ruitai hotel hopes to upgrade it through design and renovation to become the premier boutique hotel in Shanghai, showing the authentic Shanghai beach feeling.
We hope that through this renovation project, we can provide the tourists who pursue taste with the choice of staying at the same price and experience the cultural scenery of Shanghai. Inspired by the representative art deco elements of Shanghai beach, this one-year design project cleverly demonstrates the unique regional style of the above beach culture.
The hotel has 31 guest rooms, which are divided into single rooms, double rooms and suites. Each type has a different color to match the main tone of Shanghai beach culture, and is interlaced with local art works and photos to create a distinctive, warm and cozy space. New guest room decoration is both intimate and practical, the bedside is equipped with a control plate, convenient to adjust the lights and power switches.
The first floor of the hotel integrates check-in, full-day restaurant, night bar and outdoor cinema. Here, we hope guests can step out of the room and enjoy his time at the hotel in the "city lounge" on the ground floor.