Nanjing, Jiangsu




Architectural design




The project is located in Nanjing biomedical valley. The whole pharmaceutical valley will be built into a high-end scientific and technological Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, where many types of pharmaceutical science and technology enterprises such as chemical agents and biotechnology will be gathered. Green leaf group, as the leading biotech enterprise in Medicine Valley, will create a landmark corporate headquarters image.
Green leaf group has a global leading corporate culture of innovation, cooperation, health, and hopes to echo in its architectural image. Our original concept comes from genes. All life phenomena of organisms, such as life, growth, decline, disease, aging, and death, are related to genes. We hope that the same is true of our buildings. We have extracted the form of chromosome X from the form. The intersection of two arms is the central Hall of the whole building. Through the central hall, we have linked multiple functions such as office, R & D, production, and living support The purpose of space is to create an open and shared space, where communication can happen everywhere.
At the same time, in line with the concept of green health, we hope to create a green ecological park environment. The roof space is developed according to two axes, one is the green life axis and the other is the dynamic movement axis, which is convenient for users to quickly adjust their working and living conditions in a day.